MYPerimter Microwave PIDSOur LEADEX MYPerimeter Fencing Intrusion Detection System is Microwave based and features Solar Powered Transmitters and Receivers each with 200 m Detection Range as well as Radio Transmission of Intrusion / Tamper Alarms to a Central Security Command Center

Our MYPerimeter Microwave Transmitter and Receiver Units are installed Back-To-Back with 200m Separation and 25m Overlap at both ends along any Perimeter Boarder and once any Intruders are detected by the Microwave System a Wired Intruder Alarm Signal can be sent to the closest PTZ Speed dome to activate a GO TO Preset as well as Wireless Intruder / Tamper / Low Power Alarms sent to a Security Control Center over a up to 2.5 Km 420-450Mhz Wireless link.

Both Wireless Transmitters and Receivers are 24*7 Powered by Solar Panels and Long Life Batteries, are Tamper Proof and IP66 Outdoor installation rated.

All Alarms are received in the Security Control Center and Displayed on an Alarm Panel along with Siren.     All Alarms can be Reset after Video Investigation.

MYPerimeter PIDS is ideal for the protection of Sensitive High Risk Country Boarders, Military Bases, Prisons, Power Stations and International Airports.

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