HYBRID VR 4+1 16Ch 4MP H265+ 200m-PoC

HVR 16Ch 4MP H265+ PoCFor High Risk Corporate Business Sites FOCUS offers a new generation 5 In 1 HYBRID VIDEO RECORDER (HVR) with Advanced H265+ Video CODEC;s and Power Over Coax (PoC) Injection to PoC Cameras up to 200m.

These amazing LINUX HVR's are available in 1.5U Rack Mount Casings which:

1. Accommodate up to 12TB SATA Storage (2 x 6TB Bays),

2. Record up to 25 FPS at WD1, 2MP AHD, 2MP CVI, 3MP HD-TVI and or 4MP IPC,

3. Stream Video over IP Networks at Half the Bandwidth of H264 using advanced H265+ Video Compression,

4. Drive both VGA and UHD HDMI Display Monitors concurrently,

6. Have Digital IN and OUT Ports,

7. Can backup to USB / DVR RW / eSATA Drives,

8. Are managed from MYEnterprise CMS Client,

9. Support remote Mobile Surveillance from Smartphone / Tablet APP's.

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