Analogue Cameras 2MP HYBRIDFOCUS offers a new range of FOUTEC ANALOGUE HYBRID (WD1 CVBS / 2MP HD-TVI) SONY Progressive Scan CMOS Security CCTV Cameras designed for the advanced Security Surveillance of Indoor and Outdoor Environments in Homes, Businesses, Hotels, Corporations, GLC's and Government Compounds.

Being able to SWITCH between the Analogue Outputs this series of Cameras is IDEAL for installation using LEGACY 960H CVBS Cameras and DVR's or in new 2MP HD-TVI Mode using new HYBRID Video Recorders (HVR).

When using COAX Cable no Balun's are required for up to 500m Transmission Distance.   When Transmitting over CAT5/6 you need to use a Balun at both the DVR and Camera ends.   If you only want to use a SINGLE CAT5/6 Cable to each HD-TVI Camera we also have a Power Injection Solution available to do this.

Note that these Cameras provide the same 2MP 1080p resolution as IP Cameras, do  not require Complex IP Addressing, present Zero Video Latency, support D-WDR for high back lite environments, can transmit video up to 250m over CAT6 and up to 500m over RG6 COAX cable.

Please note that our new 3 In 1 TRIPLE HYBRID Video Recorders (HVR)  support standard Analogue CVBS Cameras, or New Analogue  HD-TVI Cameras or traditional IP Cameras.

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