SPY Bug Detector

FOCUS supplies a Professional Wireless Scanner, Detector and Locator DEVICE for people responsible for PREVENTING Sensitive Information from being illegally stolen from Wireless SPY BUGS including CCTV Cameras and Audio Transmitters.      This device also allows Personal and Vehicle GPS Trackers to be quickly found and removed.

This is a light weight pocket sized SPY BUG Detector which scans the complete 20Mhz to 6Ghz Frequency Bands (Used by ALL SPY BUGS) detecting all potential LISTEN IN / VIDEO RECORDING / TRACKING devices with a range up to 10m.

Being equipped with a SENSITIVITY Control and SIGNAL LEVEL LED's, the SPY BUG Detector will Pin Point the Location of the Emitting Transmitter allowing for it to be quickly removed.

The included Lens Finder is a simple device used to visually scan the immediate environment where it will pick up reflections from any SPY Camera Lens and again allow quick removal.

NOTE That FOCUS also offer's our SERVICES to perform BUG SWEEPS of sensitive area's.as required.

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