MYHelpPoint Emergency IntercomsFOCUS offers our advanced IP Emergency HELP POINT Intercom System that supports up to 256 Intercoms with a PANIC Button, two way AUDIO Intercom plus a 720P IP Camera that transmits over any IP to IP Network Connection up to the Windows PC based Central Monitoring System (CMS).

In the Command Center you install our PC Windows E.HP CMS which displays a E-MAP of all installed Emergency Intercoms and reports Emergency ALARMS via VIDEO Pop-Up Window/s and Two Way AUDIO Chat Sessions.  

All ALARM Sessions are automatically AV RECORDED and may be SEARCHED and PLAYED BACK.

All Emergency Intercom Slaves use SINGLE CAT6 PoE Cable via RJ45 Jacks from PoE X4 / X16 Network Switches or Injectors.

Optional Alarm Sirens Strobe units can be connected to each Emergency Intercom Slave and special Wall Mount housings are also available.

This standard system is completely configurable to cover up to 256 Emergency Intercom Slaves on one or Up To 4 CMS's across any IP to IP Network Connection.

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