MYGuardTour ONLINE Patrol SystemOur MYGuardTour ON-LINE RFID Guard Tour System has the latest IP67 READER featuring a Flashlight, a 2.7" OLED HD Display showing a Guard Step Pedometer, Compass and Camera Snapshots.

The READER also supports making Voice Calls, issuing Man Down/Panic Alerts, performing Non Touch 2-5cm RFID Tag Reads, taking of 5MP Video Snapshots onto a 32GB SD Card and using 3G/GPRS to perform Online Real Time Transmission of Patrol Read Tag Data to its Central Windows PC Based Tracking Management Software.

RFID tags are available to identify each Guard, to identify each Tour Point and to identify type Event found.

Security Guards carry the READER with a valid GSM SIM Card on Scheduled Patrols to perform RFID Tag READS at pre-allocated check points, the READER can then Automatically or Manually Transmit the Read RFID Tag Data via 3G/GPRS Transmission to its Windows PC based Management Software which also displays whats happening on its Google Map interface.

MYGuardTour ONLINE RFID Model is fully scalable up to 100 Readers and 1,500 RFID Tags / CMS Platform as as such is suitable for Large Universities, Utility Company or Military Base environments.

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