MYBodyCam Camcorder DMT7

MYBodyCam Camcorder is a Professional Body Worn HD AV Camcorder that is designed to capture key event Photo Snapshots and Movie Clips for mobile Inspectors, Patrol Guards, Police and Military personal

MYBodyCam has an embedded 140 Degree 21MP HD CMOS Camera, a DVR with 32 / 64GB SD Card Storage,  WiFi,  3,500 mAH Rechargeable Battery, IR LED's for night vision and GOPro image STABILIZATION Technology.

Using Large Push Buttons on the front of the unit it can be used to take up to 4MP HD MOVIE CLIPS and PHOTO SNAPSHOTS in Bursts of 1 / 5 / 10 simultaneously on demand.

When WiFi is Activated, users can use their Smartphones (With free APP Software) to Program its Setup Options as well as Stream LIVE Video and Manage SD Card Content.

A 3,500mAH Battery provides in excess of 40 Hours Standby time and 7 Hours Non Stop RECORD time on a single charge.

MYBodyCam is packaged with a Standalone Dock, USB Cable, 240Vac Charger and Windows PC Software which enables Users to PW access into connected units and Program the units ID + User ID as well as Download recorded Media Files on demand.

Accessories available include spare Clips, Suction Cup Holders vehicle Charger, Head Mount Kits, Protective Carry Cases as well as Spare  Rechargeable Batteries.

When more than one unit is required to be managed you can use an optional 8 Port Multi Dock Station as well as optional Windows PC  Client Software.    Once a unit is docked it will automatically Recharge as well as download its Media Files to a Windows PC and have the internal SD Card Reformatted.

When more than one site is involved you can also purchase our MY CLOUD NAS Servers to store large amounts of Media Data and provide a CLOUD Gateway for Remote Intranet / Internet management Access via Win PC Browsers or their Authorized Table or Smartphone APP's.

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