LED SMART Bluetooth Mesh Technology

Globally Bluetooth has evolved from being the number one standard for Secure Many-To-Many Wireless Mesh Networking Communications Technologies from Mobile Smartphone / Tablet APP's to distributed Lighting Devices.

Today gone are the days of spending a fortune on expensive proprietary in the wall DMX / DALI / TRIAC Light Control Systems - Simply use the existing Power On/Of Switches, Cabling and Light Points.

Just UPGRADE the Lights to Smart Mesh Bulb, Down and or Panel Models - then download the Free MESH LIGHT APP into your iOS / Andriod Smartphone, - Zone lights by HOME Group/s - By HOME Group select desired Display 16 Million Colors and required 2-100% Non-Step Dimming Level.

LED SMART Bulb Lights

Available Smart Mesh Bulb, Down and Panel Lights are detailed in the following images.

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LED SMART Downl Lights

LED SMART Panel Lights