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SMART HOME / OFFICE Security rides on the development of IoT Solutions which operate over the Internet and WiFi HOT SPOTS in modern Homes and Offices.

As illustrated below, FOCUS offers a complete range of SMARTPHONE APP managed Solutions which are individually and collectively able to provide a high level of SECURITY and PEACE OF MIND to Home / Office Occupants and Managers.

Security Solutions For Smart Homes & Offices


Our SMART Home / Office security starts with Access Point and Occupancy LIGHTING, followed by DOOR AV INTERCOMS, DOOR ACCESS CONTROL and lastly by comprehensive CCTV Surveillance with embedded ALARM and STROBE capability.

These Solutions are integrated together as follows:

Security Solutions For Smart Homes & Offices Configuration


For Access Point LIGHTING we recommend our Microwave Sensor / Emergency Down Lights and for Occupancy LIGHTING we recommend our LED Bluetooth Mesh products which can be programmed with HOME AWAY On/Off Schedules and set to any Color or Dimming Level.

For AV INTERCOM (and Optional Door Access Control) we recommend our 2 Wire IP AV Intercom Solution which provides an Outdoor Door Intercom, Visitor Door Bell, Indoor Answering LCD Monitor, Push Notification and Answering via Smartphone.   If an optional SD card is used ib the Monitor all Visitors can also be automatic Snap Shots.

For ACCESS CONTROL we recommend our fashionable DIGITAL DOOR LOCKS which replace existing door locks and provide access via PIN CODE, RFID CARD, SMARTPHONE via Bluetooth and or Mechanical KEY.

For CCTV Surveillance we recommend three optional solutions, the first is a IP Camera with in-build SD Card Storage / NVR Storage that is special as it can be programmed to also issue a VOICE WARNING Message as well as Flash a STROBE LIGHT when Intruders are detected in Pre-Scheduled Time Slots.     In situations where Cabling is not feasible then we offer our BATTERY IP Cameras which have SD Card Storage.     For Indoors we also offer our AUTO TRACKING USB Powered Micro Camera which also has in-built SD Card Storage.

When configuring you can use any one or all of the Modules in this SMART HOME OFFICE Security Solution.


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