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We present our IT Network Enterprise LAN System from PLANET that conforms with international Standards and consists of Internet Security Gateway's, Standard & Industrial Smart LCD Ethernet / PoE Switches, a License Free W.AP Controller, Indoor / Outdoor IEEE802.11ac Dual Band Wireless Access Points, and Single Band PtP Ethernet Bridges.

IT Network Enterprise LAN System Solution

Our solution is modular and is suitable for small to high-end Sites including OFFICES, SHOPPING Centers, HOTELS, HOSPITALS, UNIVERSITY Campuses, Corporate bUILDINGS, Government AGENCIES, LAND, SEA & AIR Ports and TOWN / CITY Centers where Secure Wireless "INTERNET" Access for up to 4 SSID Groups can be provided from each Access Point HOT SPOT.

Please note that the X512 AP Controller Software is bundled LICENSE FREE and that we provide Professional Wireless Access Point DESIGN Support Services.

The ADVANTAGES of engaging our PLANET Enterprise LAN Solution when compared with other traditional Legacy Providers is summarized in the slide called Solution Advantages.

IT Network Enterprise LAN System Why Planet IT Network Enterprise LAN System Advantages


For additional information, we also include a WHY PLANET Slide which explains why PLANET is the CISCO of ASIA in the Enterprise LAN Solutions market and also a summary of the major BRANDS and the Markets they currently serve.

This is a Professional solution which has received numerous Awards and because its fully Integratable with any other Network System and its Price Competitive against USA and European Brands  - its THE SOLUTION OF CHOICE.


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