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Our Wide Area Intruder Detection System is 24 GHz RADAR based and features integration with a PTZ Tracking Camera, simultaneous Target Detection and Automatic Tracking and Recording of up to 450 m for Humans and up to 600 m for Vehicles.

Wide Area Radar SystemWhen connected to a Windows PC based Central Management System with RVS Software (See below Video) the main Security Command Center can monitor the Coverage Area of up to 4 RADAR's and be alerted with Alarms when Intruding Human or Vehicles are detected and SEE via up to 16 PTZ Tracking Camera's exactly where and what the object is and allow security officers to take appropriate intercept action.

Each RADAR covers an (H) 90 Deg field of coverage and can be expanded with up to 4 RADAR units to cover 360 Deg.      The Windows PC CMS Software is capable of supporting up to 4 RADAR units and up to 16 auto Tracking PTZ Cameras for VIDEO Verification.

Human and Vehicle detections are IDENTIFIED, ALERTED and TRACKED by the RVS Software in the Security Command Center.   This software also displays the LIVE Video being streamed from all Tracking PTZ Cameras.

Both the RADAR unit and PTZ Tracking Cameras may be PoE Connected to the Security Command Center.

This solution is ideal for the PERIMETER Protection of HIGH-RISK Utility Companies, Government Offices, Royal Palaces, Prisons, Sea POrts, and Air Ports.


This solution is from a MAJOR international Manufacturer who has hundreds of both Commercial, Industrial and Government Sites all around the world.

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