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FOCUS offers a complete range of dedicated Standalone and Device Integrated Surge Protection Devices (SPD's) designed to protect your CCTV, ACCESS Control, Ethernet NETWOR and PA Systems from Lightning SURGES in Incoming POWER, DATA and or AUDIO-VIDEO Transmission Lines.

MYEnterprise CCTV Surge Protection DevicesPower Surges are the primary CAUSE of Electronic Systems DAMAGE in Malaysia and result in unnecessary System DOWNTIME and REPAIR / REPLACEMENT Costs.

We have Best-In-Class Surge Protection Devices (SPD) from Leading Local and International Manufacturers for all installation situations including 110/220Vac Power, DC Power, Coaxial Video Signal, Audio Pair and IP Camera Ethernet PROTECTION.

REMEMBER Surge Protection Devices are ONLY as good as the EARTH which bleeds off lightning-induced spikes in data, video and power circuits ... AND ... that its CRITICAL that SPD's be placed at BOTH ENDS of DATA Lines with matching Earth Potentials.


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