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As part of our 4G BECS solution, our MULTIMEDIA DISPATCH PLATFORM is a Windows PC based software system that is designed to be installed in operations Dispatch Centers to enable GPS, PTT and  Multimedia Communications over Global 4G Networks with Mobile Private / Corporate, Law Enforcement, and Emergency Service Officers in the support of their duties.

The DISPATCH PLATFORM creates Situation Awareness at the highest level enabling rapid escalation and deployment of resources in every incident.

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Hardware required and Functions supported on this platform include:

  • Intel i5 Windows PC with Audio Headset

  • More than 32" LFD Display Screen

  • Dispatch Platform License / Data Terminal

  • Mobile Terminal CONTACTS & Grouping

  • Mobile Terminal GPS Tracking & Geo-Fencing

  • Mobile Terminal PTT & Audio Listen In

  • Mobile Terminal TEXT Messaging

  • Receipt of Mobile Terminal SOS

  • Up to 16 Ch Mobile Terminal VIDEO Streaming & Watch In

  • Mobile Terminal VIDEO Event Upload

  • Field EVIDENCE Management

  • Support Back Office CASE Reporting

Press PLAY to review the operations of our MM DISPATCH PLATFORM Software:

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