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As part of our 4G BWCS System, we supply optional DOCKING STATIONS that can RECHARGE, BACKUP, REFORMAT and Time SYNCH all inserted Mobile Data Terminals.

4G MSDS Docking Station 4G MSDS Docking Station DEMS

By POLICY each organization may choose to use DOCKING STATIONS in each staff base location (Example: Police Station) so they can backup ALL incident data at the end of each shift and have that data available locally for evidence management ... OR ... if 4G Data RATES / COSTS are acceptable then have each incident uploaded to the central DISPATCH PLATFORM where it is stored and made available for evidence management.

In the second scenario, Data Upload may be invoked by issuing an SOS where LIVE Video is streamed to the Dispatch Center or individual Video / Photo Files uploaded as selected by each field officer.  If this is the Policy then each Mobile Data Terminal can be left in automatic Storage Overwrite MODE where the oldest historical Data will be overwritten when internal storage becomes full. 

In terms of capacity, each DOCKING STATION can accommodate up to 8 Pcs Mobile Data Terminals.    After insertion the DOCKING STATION will automatically:

  • RECHARGE the Mobile data Terminal,
  • DOWNLOAD all Data Files from the Mobile data Terminal to the internal HDD / Nominated backup Server,
  • REFORMAT the internal SD Card of the Mobile Data Terminal. 


MAJOR Functions supported by our DOCKING STATIONS Include:

  • 7" LCD Status Display
  • Privaledge management
  • Unattended Operation
  • Auto Smart Recharge of Mobile Data Terminals
  • Time Synchronisation of Mobile Data Terminal
  • File SEARCH, PLAYBACK, and BACKUP to USB Ports
  • CYCLIC Storage
  • ## C/W WiFi AP, 100Mbps Network Port, 2 USB Ports, 2TB-8TB HDD, Power Cable & User Guide

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