FOCUS offers two Ground Radar Video Surveillance System solutions for narrow-angle Perimeter Protection and for wide-angle Wide Area protection as illustrated below.

Perimeter Radar Image Wide Area Radar Image

Both solutions are designed to detect and issue alerts on Human or Vehicle target/s with position and track, record the real-time alarm video and prevent intrusion before the restricted Building Complexes are breached.

Each system is made up of 24GHz microwave radar, an HD Auto Tracking PTZ camera, and RVS software Server.   The Radar locates the target with position by active detection, then triggers the PTZ camera into auto-tracking. With double identification of video analysis technology and an AI algorithm, the system sends out an accurate alarm to the security monitor center and lowers the false alarm rate greatly.

System Features include:

  • All-weather all-day protection:adapt to all kinds of bad weather such as rain, snow, smog, dust, smoke, etc.
  • Active Detection with 3D View:radar will actively raise alarm and trigger video alarm to lock the target in real-time, record alarm video and assess to control center,
  • Intelligent, Reliable Low false alarm rate:embed with intelligent algorithms, the system is of accurate detection performance and can effectively filter trees and birds to reduce false alarms,
  • Simple operation:  Open architecture & Good compatibility:The system has an open architecture and can flexibly access to multiple security platforms.

This solution is from a MAJOR international Manufacturer who has hundreds of both Commercial, Industrial and Government Sites around the world like:

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