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Our INFORMATION IP PoE AV  Help Point Intercom System is a Professional INFORMATION HELP POINT Solution that features a Desktop Operator AV TERMINAL with a 7" LCD Touch Screen and Vandal-Resistant 316 Grade Stainless Steel Wall Mountable PoE IP AV INTERCOMS.

Intercom Information IP AV Help Point System Intercom Information IP AV Help Point System Configuration

The Desktop TERMINAL is an intelligent VOIP enabled a device capable of receiving and displaying up to four simultaneous calls from up to 140 HELP POINT Intercoms AND issuing Audio Broadcast Messages to Specific / Grouped Intercoms.S.

If multiple Operator Terminals are required, CALL's can be put on HOLD and TRANSFERRED between Terminals.

Our PERIMETER Intruder Detection System is 24 GHz RADAR based and features integration with a PTZ Tracking

This solution is from a MAJOR international Manufacturer who has hundreds of both Commercial, Industrial and Government Sites all around the world.

All IP HELP POINT Intercoms are CAT6 PoE connected via RJ45 Jacks from inserted PoE X4 / X8 / X16 Network Switches.

This System is designed for installation in Multi-Story Condominiums, Shopping Centers, Office Buildings, University Campuses, Banks, Hotels and Air Ports.

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