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When you need to RECORD the Video from one or multiple TYPES of Cameras including Analog CVBS ...or... Analog HD TVI/CVS/AHD and or IP Network Cameras, then you need to select the right HYBRID VIDEO RECORDER (HVR).

HVR's are today the recording platform of CHOICE for LEGACY Camera environments as you can simply re-use existing CCTV Cameras of ANY TYPE ...and... ADD new CCTV Cameras of ANY TYPE according to Budget Restrictions / Security Resolution requirements.

Our HIKVISION TURBO HVR's come in three different SERIES, Power over COAX (PoC), UNIVERSAL and DEEPMIND as follows:

MYEnterprise HVR PoC Series MYEnterprise HVR Universal Series MYEnterprise HVR Deepmind Series


As you can see the three SERIES all support Rack Mount, up to 4K UHD H265+ Recording, where the PoC SERIES is for entry-level use, the UNIVERSAL SERIES is for corporate sites and the DEEPMIBD Series is for HIGH-END government sites use where Face Recognition and Outside Surveillance is required with Minimum FALSE ALARMS.

NOTE: That when using HD-TVI Cameras you can now achieve up to 800m COAX Cable distances wehn recording at 1080p 2MP.

Again it's important when designing your solution that the correct SERIES and HDD combination is selected - So Contact Us for Advise.


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