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ur EMERGENCY IP PoE AV Help Point Intercom System is a Professional PANIC HELP POINT Solution that features high-quality IP PoE Emergency Intercoms and a Windows PC based CMS Operator Platform that features Multiple Video Event Pop-Up and automatic AV RECORDING and PLAYBACK.

Intercom Emergency IP AV Help Point System Intercom Emergency IP AV Help Point System Configuration

The Windows PC CMS Platform runs our Help Point CMS Software that supports up to 512 Intercoms, up to 16 Queued Calls, Events Video Pop-Up, and Automatic AV Recording and Playback.   AV Events can be Searched for Playback and copied out to a USB Drive as Evidence.

Optional Intercom Housings in bright ORANGE, as well as Help Point SIREN STROBES, are also available on request.

All IP HELP POINT Intercoms are CAT6 PoE connected via RJ45 Jacks from inserted PoE X4 / X8 / X16 Network Switches.

This System is designed for installation in Car Parks, University Campuses, Banks, Hotels, Hospitals, Corporate Office Buildings, Air Ports and Shopping Centers.

This solution is from a MAJOR international Manufacturer who has hundreds of both Commercial, Industrial and Government Sites all around the world.

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