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With the release of our new 4G Communications based Body Worn Terminals with advanced Video Resolution RECORDING up to 8MP 4K UHD and up to 64M Photos, Front Line video EVIDENCE can now be streamed LIVE and or Uploaded to our Central DISPATCH System providing both Online as well as Back Office Digital Evidence support to all Emergency Services officers.
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By giving frontline officers the tools they need, we make their job better and we help them do a better job.

In the UK with their Police Force the BENEFITS achieved by using Body Worn Cameras combined with back-end Evidence Management tools - produced the following extraordinary benefits:

  • 90% Reduction in complaints against officers
  • 50% Reduction in the use of force
  • 90% Increase in early guilty pleas
  • 22% Increase in the time available for patrol

Operationally our Solution also provides for the first time:

  • UPGRADE of Single-Use Radio Walkie Talkies with Interference and Distance limitations,
  • Elimination of the need for separate SMARTPHONES,
  • Online Central DISPATCH Center SOS / Incident Situation Awareness, Evidence Data Collection & Officer Case Management,
  • COUNTRY-WIDE PTT, TEXT Messaging, GPS Tracking, One-Press SOS, LIVE Video / Snapshot UPLOAD,
  • Increased SECURITY with full DATA ENCRYPTION and CONTROL over 4G One-To-One or GROUP Communications at both the Terminal and Dispatch Levels.

And all at:

  • Replacing 1 / 2 Gen Body Worn Cameras + Radio Walkie Talkies + Smartphones with ONE MM Data Terminal and Dispatch Platform presents a much LOWER Cost Of Ownership.

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