FOCUS Smart | Covid-19 Visitor Contact Management System

FOCUS supplies its QR Code based "Online Visitor Contact Management System" for University Campuses, Gated Communities and Comdomimimums to use a unique QR Code and upon Entry to have all visitors Scan it with their SmartPhone, Open the Web Browser Linked FORM, fill in their Contact Data, Submit and Log it to a dedicated Secure Cloud Database. 

To access the Data the Administrator enters a Web Browser URL LINK to open the Database  Spreadsheet where intelligent SEARCH, GROUPING, CHARTING, and PRINTING of data can be easily performed. 

All customer data is stored in a SECURE Server in the CLOUD and held as Private and Confidential. This Data belongs to the University / Community that you visit and is only to be released to the Government for Contact Tracing should the need occur. 

This is a Low-Cost Online solution to REPLACE Manual Log Book Recording and its sold as a Product with Services to customers on a Number of Sites basis.


As opposite, From the Administrators Spreadsheet, you are able to SORT / FILTER / GRAPH and PRINT off required data in any way that you require.


For a DEMONSTRATION of what a FORM can LOOK like and CONTAIN - please scan the opposite QR Code with your Smartphone Camera, open your Web Browser link AND fill in THE EXAMPLE form AND THEN submit TO UPDATE THE cloud Database.

Are you IMPRESSED >> Call us today for a copy of the DEMO database Spreadsheet and Request a QUOTE for your Single or Multi-Site University / Gated Community Today!



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