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Our COVID-19 Access Control TERMINALS are new generation MULTI-FUNCTION Terminals that come in two Models one for Indoor use and another for Outdoor use.  Both Models support an AI driven Face Recognition Engine and a Thermal Sensor to read Body Temperatures accurately.

Each Terminal can be mounted on the SAME Mount Brackets and Poles and each come with both WiFi and LAN communication Modes.

Each Terminal comes with a Metal Body, an Embedded 8" HD LCD Touch Screen,  a USB Communication Port, n HD Binocular 3D Camera, a MIFARE Card Reader, on-screen Green (GO) and RED (No Go) coloring and Audio Voice Prompts.

Should a HIGH TEMPERATURE be detected and the person is not wearing a Mask he/she will also be prompted to WARE one immediately.


Our COVID-19 Access Control TERMINALS can be mounted on WALLS, on the top of TURNSTILES, sitting on Lobby Reception COUNTERS or on a Movable Floor Mount Bracket as follows:

STANDALONE Terminals are designed for being installed outside SOHO Office and connected to a Door Release.

The Desk Top Terminals are ideal to be installed on the Loggy Reception Tables of Corporate Offices.

The Pole Mounted Terminals are made movable and positioned at the entry-exit points od busy Hotels, Schools, Hospitals, Retail Stores, Hypermarkets, and factories.

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