FOCUS Smart | COVID-19 Smart Access Control System

With the advent of the Global COVID-19 Pandemic, the demand for a New Generation of "SMART Access Control Terminals" that not only perform Access Control and Time & Attendance functions ... BUT ... also support automatic Body Temperature Sensing, MASK DetectionS, Face Recognition & Audio Prompt functions as well.

As per our Configuration Diagram below an unlimited number of TERMINALS can be IP Network Connected across One / Multiple Sites and be Managed by a central CLOUD Platform.

Multi-Site Support is, in particular, useful for Retail Shops, Stores, Hotels Factories, Supermarkets Hypermarkets, and University Campuses that are spread across multiple locations.

The SMART Access Control Terminals capture entering STAFF DATA including Date, Time, Body Temperature, Name, Phone Number, and Snapshot whilst for Visitors, it captures Date, Time Body Temperature, and Snapshot.

COVID-10 AC System ConfigurationThe SMART Access Control Terminals can be operated in STANDALONE Mode using their Touch Screens ... OR ... in CLOUD Mode using a Fixed Desktop or Roaming Laptop Windows PC for remote Management.

The Terminals can be directly programmed or via the CLOUD Software to be used for FACE Registration + Receipt of ALARM Records + Automating Staff Time & Attendance.


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