MYEnterprise CMS Clients

MYEnterprise Windows PC iVMS-4200 (intelligent Video Management System) Software from HIKVISION creates one of the most Fully Integrated, Modular and Scalable Video Wall Systems for CCTV / ACCESS Control Command Centers in the world today.

This Client Software can run on as many distributed Windows PC's as you require with each supporting connection to up to 256 DVR / HVR / NVR / ACCESS Controller devices with up to 1,024 CCTV Cameras / ACCESS Doors across up to 9 UHD LED Display Monitors in Video Wall Format.

We use Commercial Large Format LED Display Monitors and Cluster them together in Standalone / Stretched / Combined MODES using "Special PCI Display Cards" that enable 1 / 2 / 4 / 9 Monitors to be driven by one Windows PC.  This enables the Right Content to be displayed in the Right Display Zone/s.

When Multiple CMS Client PC's are used, we can also install our SPECIAL Software that unifies all standalone PC's together under the control of one single Keyboard and Mouse.

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