MYEnterprise Hybrid Technologies

Over the last year MYEnterprise from FOCUS (using HIKVISION Core Technologies) has incorporated four major CCTV Industry Technology advances with the release of:

1. Analogue HYBRID CCTV Cameras (WD1 / 960H CVBS / 2MP HD-TVI)

2. Analogue HD-TVI CCTV Cameras (2MP, 3MP, 5MP and 8MP 4K UHD),

3. HYBRID Video Recorders (Analogue CVBS / Analogue HD-TVI / Analogue AHD / IP Network),

4. Amazing H265+ Video Compression.

For Customers wishing to preserve their investments in Analogue CCTV Cameras and DVR's - the new HYBRID Analogue CVBS / HD-TVI cameras present a TWO STEP upgrade path which is both practical and very effective in moving to 2 MP HD-TVI environments using legacy CAT6 / COAX cabling infrastructures with ZERO Latency.     Once a new generation HYBRID VR is installed the HYBRID Analogue Camera can be switched to output HD-TVI at full 2MP up to 8MP 4K UHD.

Customers wishing to move straight to 2MP / 3MP / 5MP / 8MP 4K UHD can install the new generation native HD-TVI cameras along with new generation 4K UHD HYBRID Video Recorders (HVR).    HVR's are now REPLACING DVR's and NVR's as they provide the GLUE to combine Legacy Analogue WD1 Cameras with Analogue HD-TVI Cameras and IP network Cameras - All in ONE Device!

Advanced H265+ Video CODEC's in our HVR's and IP Network Cameras provide an amazing 50-70% REDUCTION in Network Bandwidth & HDD Storage compared with the Industry Standard H265 CODEC which has replaced H264.

Of course all these CCTV Cameras and HVR's are fully supported by our fully Integrated iVMS-4200 CMS Platform with Smartphone / Tablet Mobile Viewing APP's.

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