CCTV Transmission MediaTraditionally COAX cable has been the Media used to connect CCTV Cameras to their Recording Platforms but over time with the advent of IP Network Cameras CAT6 has been used for short distance and  Fiber Optic Cable and Wireless for Longer Haul Transmission.

Choosing which TYPE of Transmission MEDIA is often dictated by "What Do You Already Have" when working with EXISTING Systems and when dealing with NEW Systems you need to look at TYPE of CCTV Camera + Transmission Distance + Can you lay Physical Cables / do you need to use WIRELESS + If Outdoors is SURGE Protection required and of course last but not least the COST.

Please note the latest release of using COAX for the Transmission of HD-TVI Video + POWER for 200m.      A PoC HVR and PoC Enabled HD-TVI Cameras are required for this ONE CABLE TO CAMERA Solution.

Designing the RIGHT Transmission System for CCTV/ACCESS CONTROL Systems is not easy >> so please call FOCUS for assistance.

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