LED Street Lights Hybrid Solar SensorFOCUS supplies High Quality Long Life All-In-One HYBRID (ON / OFF the Power Grid) Solar LED Street Lights with 4 Operational Modes and Optional Microwave Motion Sensor which are designed to provide intelligent 190 Lm/W Light onto walkways and town streets.

These LED Street Lights come in 20W to 80W Models, feature the latest LM80 >50,000 Hour Bridgelux / CREE LED's, Integrated 25 Year Solar Panel Array, Integrated Microwave Radar Motion Sensor, Integrated 5-8 Year LiFeP03 Rechargeable Battery and OPTIONAL HYBRID Power Controller.

The HYBRID Power Controller allows the light to be also connected to the GRID and if the Light Battery Level goes too low - the controller will Automatically switch to On GRID Power until the battery is fully charged - and then switch back to Solar Battery Power Mode.

FOUR different Operation MODES are available by simply programming each Solar Light with the Remote Controller.  Once setup the lights will follow the MODE until changed again.

Our LED HYBRID Solar Street Lights are ECO Friendly, Free to operate, CE Certified and come with a 3 Year Manufacturing Defect Warranty.

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