LED Flood Lights Sports

Our Industrial class SPORTS LED =FLOOD Lights are made from High Quality components and come in ONE Model designed to REPLACE existing 1,000W HID Metal Halide Flood Lights.

This Model features PHILIPS LED's with LM80 exceeding 50,000 Hours, IP67 Outdoor Weather Ratings and Industrial 4 KVA Surge Protection, AUTO Short Circuit Protection, Overheat Protection and LED Array Management Technologies.

The 360W Model retrofits 1,000W HID Flood Lights and comes with three optical Lens options (30x30, 60X100 or 120x120 Degrees) and Industrial MEANWELL Power Drivers.

When you need 3-3-5 Year Warranty (3 Years on the LED's + 3 Years on the Power Driver + 5 Years on the Housing) plus CE, UL and TUV certified SPORTS LED Flood Lights then you have found the right solution.

Note that these lights are made for Outdoor MAST Installations at Sports Arenas and Golf Courses.

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