LED Architecture RGB Strip Lights 240Vac

When you need to HIGHLIGHT the architectural features of your Home / Retail Outlet / Walkway / Bridge / Building >> then we recommend the use of our up to 100mĀ  240Vac Controller & Amplifier drivenĀ Dimmable 7 Color, 4 Change Modes, UV Resistant, IP67 ARCHITECTURAL RGB Color LED Strip lights.

Our Multi Color RGB LED Strip Lights come in Single Line (60 LED's / m or Max Length of 100m Rolls) ...OR... in Double Line (120 LED's / m with Max length of 50m) Rolls.

RGB LED Strip Lights come with Accessories inclusing RGB Touch Remotes, RGB Controllers, RGB Signal Amplifiers, MOV Surge Protect Control, Fix Clips, Joiners, End Caps and Plastic / Aluminum rear mount Channels.

Note that we also provide HAGER Scheduled Power Timers to switch ON and OFF at preset times and RUILON Single Phase Surge Protection Devices.

When replacing NEON Lights you will reduce Electricity Consumption by around 77% and reduce Operational Maintenance also by around 90% over the 50,000 Hours Life Span od LED's.

These solutions are installed in many high profile references like the SUNWAY Group and Masjid Jamek in Petaling Jaya..

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