IT Enterprise Wireless LANFOCUS carries a comprehensive ENTERPRISE Wireless LAN Solution from PLANET one of the worlds Leading Innovative Technologies Companies.

At the top of this solution is the CONTROLLER with Browser Management over all connected Access Points.    Then their is a SECURITY GATEWAY which controls and Protects Internet On-Line users, then their are Real Time LCD Monitoring PoE SWITCHES and last but not least their are a series of INDOOR and OUTDOOR 802.11b/g/n 2.4Ghz / 802.11ac 5 Ghz and or DUAL Band Wireless Access Points (AP's).

IT Managers are encouraged to use DUAL BAND AP's so that congested 20Mhz bandwidth 2.4Ghz Channels 1, 6 & 11 can be relieved by clients using40Mhz bandwidth  5Ghz 24 Channels.    Note however that the Transmit Distance of 5Ghz Channels is approx. 1/3rd that of 2.4Ghz Channels so a higher density of AP's will be required.

FOCUS has a complete range of WIRED and WIRELESS LAN Communication products making Ethernet connections from 100m to over 50KM possible in any environment.

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