FOCUS provides Professional CCTV / ACCESS Control Systems Support Services in sharing  CCTV Technology Directions, in Auditing existing CCTV Environments, in Designing and Implementing Fully Integrated Security Systems and being able to Maintain and Upgrade installed Systems.

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1. Audit your current Security Systems Architecture,

2. Audit your current Security Command Center Video Management System, Mobile Client APP's, IT Rack Equipment and Video Wall System,

3. Audit your current CCTV Camera Points, CCTV Poles, Coverage Angles, Camera Generation (Analogue / Network), Camera Type (Dome, Bullet, Box or Speed Dome) and Camera Resolution/s,

4. Audit your current Recording Platforms, Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and Network Video Recorder (NVR), Recorder Brand, Video Compression (JPEG / H264), Video Streaming Level, Recording Resolutions, Recording Frame and Quality Rates, Recording Storage and Playback History,

5. Audit your current Transmission Technologies, Transmission Equipment, Cables Conduits and Piping, Bandwidth Usage and Surge Protection provided,

6. Audit current CCTV System Deficiencies, Problems and Limitations.


1. Develop a Security Systems Architecture MODEL that will integrate current and future Security Systems together under the management of one centralized Command Center,

2. Develop a CCTV Technology Platform that embraces Best-In-Class Command Center Video Walls, Mobile APP Clients, IT Rack Equipment, Cables Conduits & Piping, Transmission Equipment, CCTV Cameras, CCTV Recorders, CCTV Poles and Surge Protection Devices,

3. Develop CCTV Installation Point Drawings, CCTV System Configuration Diagram, Bill Of Materials and planned As Build Drawings.


1. Provide comprehensive On-Site Systems Installation Services covering Project Schedule, CCTV Cameras, Transmission Conduits and Cables, Recording Platforms, Security Command Center and Mobile Clients.

2. Conduct CCTV Unit and Systems Testing,

3. Conduct joint User Training and Systems Commissioning.


1. Provide On-Site Fail & Fix Maintenance Services or Annual Maintenance Agreement Services,

2. When required provide Upgrade Services including Project Audit, Design and Implementation.

NOTE : Most of our Customers selected FOCUS because of the High Quality of Maintenance / Upgrade Services provided and our professional commitement to Serve and Support.


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