Focus Office PhotoFOCUS Smart Technologies is a Malaysian Company that provides Professional Consulting & Support Services to Customers for Leading Security (CCTV & Access Control), LED Lighting and IT Solutions across Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Brazil and Saudi Arabia since 1993.

When we started operations in October 1993, we quickly became a Full Systems Integrator where we were very successful in implementing Wireless Alarm System and C-BUS Building Automation Systems into Homes, Offices, Factories and Corporations.

Early 1996 we ventured into IT Recruitment, Technology Consulting, IT Education Services and supplied outsourced Manpower resources to over 15 Malaysian Software Development Houses.

As we expanded we sponsored the setup of multiple Systems Integration Companies each assigned exclusive Industry markets including Banking & Finance, Universities, Hospitals and Maximum Security Installations.

Moving forward in the 2000's and 2010's we invested in the Software Development of some of our core Digital Video (DVR) Technologies in Taiwan and established solution Partner Agreements with specialist Manufacturers that engineered products including Auto Tracking Speed Domes, Fully Integrated Alarm Centric Security Command Centers, Dual H265 HYBRID (Analogue and Digital) Platforms, Modular and Scalable Display Systems, Solid State LED Lighting and leading edge IT Technologies.

Over the last two years FOCUS has focused on its core solutions which include MYEnterprise CCTV Surveillance, MYHelpPont Emergency Help Point Intercom System, MYPerimeter Microwave Intrusion Detection System, MYDetectors Hand Held & Walk Through Metal Detectors, Leading Edge LED Lighting and IT Solutions for Home, Offices, Factories, Hotels, Supermarket, Hypermarket and Commercial Retail Sites.

FOCUS constantly engages its Technical Consultant/s with its Customers and Appointed Re-sellers to deliver INNOVATIVE Leading Edge Solutions assembled in ASIA that beat the BEST In Class brands from Europe and USA in Quality, Features and Pricing.

Today FOCUS imports and Distributes CCTV Surveillance, Advanced SECURITY, LED Lighting and IT solutions from over 32 International BRANDED Best-In-Class Manufacturers.

The top eight reasons why you should engage FOCUS to Design, Implement, Train and Maintain your CCTV Surveillance, Advanced Security, LED Lighting and IT Solutions include:

1. High Quality SOLUTIONS,,

2. Leading Edge TECHNOLOGIES,

3. Best-In-Class International BRANDS,


5. Industry Leading Factory Product Defect WARRANTIES,


7. Large Local and International base of happy Customers across six Countries over 25 Years of Service,

8. INVESTMENT PROTECTION through High Quality Solutions and Leading Edge Technologies.

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